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Our One to Watch blog features exciting industry news, buying guides for wristwatches and commentary from David and the team. Showcasing the most exceptional and rare timepieces, from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Vacheron, Jaeger-Le-Coultre and other fine names.

David Duggan featured in Watch Pro Magazine's Big Interview
Tracey Llewellyn, from Watch Pro Magazine was so keen to interview David about the boom in collecting.
David Duggan is actively looking to buy watches from the public.
Around 99% of the watches sold by David Duggan are purchased from members of the Public.
Four vintage watches that rocked the June auctions
Despite financial uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, the vintage watch market is on the rise. David Duggan takes a look at four classic timepieces that recently fetched staggering sums at auction
Our Favourite Watch Hands
For some watch collectors it is the hands that sets one timepiece apart from another. If you want to know your Breguet from your Snowflake, consult David Duggan's expert guide.
In Profile: Patek Philippe Twenty-4
An almost instant hit when it was first launched in 1999, Patek Philippe’s Twenty-4 came of age in 2020. To celebrate One To Watch takes a closer look at this iconic ladies watch.
Watches with Hollywood Nicknames and Why We Love Them
What makes the special relationship between Hollywood and luxury watches so enduringly appealing? David Duggan and Tony Gedalovitch reflect on the joys of watches with Hollywood connections.
The Art of Ageing: A Guide to Vintage Watch Patina
Should you preserve patina on your vintage watch? David Duggan discusses the pros and cons of this natural ageing phenomenon.
Why vintage watches are a sound investment for 2020
One to Watch explores why the vintage luxury watch market is booming despite Covid-19, with advice on how to make a solid investment in these uncertain times.
Why oversized watches for women are here to stay
David Duggan explores the trend for women’s oversized watches, plus the female celebrities choosing oversized Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier models
Your next investment: Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse
David Duggan shares five reasons why he believes the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse is a fantastic investment for discerning watch collectors.
Smart Versus Mechanical Watch: There's a Place for Both
Can the mechanical timepiece survive the rise of the smartwatch? One to Watch takes a look at how the smartwatch has evolved, what it can do, and what this means for the mechanical watch market.
in profile: patek philippe aquanaut
Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut changed the parameters for luxury watch ownership when it first came out in the late 1990s. Read this in-depth article on the watch’s history and what makes it a modern classic, by luxury watch expert David Duggan.
A Guide to: the power reserve indicator complication
The nearest thing to a fuel gauge on a wristwatch, the power reserve indicator is a real collector's complication. David Duggan explores the history and craftsmanship of the power reserve indicator in his latest in depth article.
Under the loupe: three Patek Philippe auctions to watch
Three rare and extraordinary Patek Philippe watches are going under the hammer in November 2019. David Duggan takes a closer look at each timepiece and gives his thoughts on what makes them so special.
At your service - how to keep your watch in mint condition
David Duggan Watches is one of the few locations in the UK with a fully approved Rolex servicing centre. Get advice on what to expect from a watch service from Service Manager, Tony Gedalovitch.
A Guide to: the Moonphase Complication
The moonphase may not be the world’s most accurate complication, but it is certainly one of the most collectable. David Duggan explores the history and craftsmanship of the moonphase in his latest in depth article.
Your first five Patek Philippes
Thinking about starting a collection of Patek Philippe watches? Pre-owned Patek Philippe specialist David Duggan has all the advice you need in his new collector’s guide, covering the Calatrava, Aquanaut, Nautilus, Perpetual Calendar and, of course, the iconic Minute Repeater.
A guide to: the tourbillon complication
A tourbillon counters the effects of gravity on a watch’s accuracy by mounting the escapement and balance wheel inside a rotating cage  ̶  hence its name, the French word for ‘whirlwind’. We investigate why it's such a special complication.
From Blackburn to Burlington
Find out how David’s career started on with pocket watches and old coins before becoming one of London's best-known watch dealers, in the first part of the David Duggan Story.
An incredibly rare Patek Philippe pocket watch enamelled by Suzanne Rohr
David Duggan Watches brings you the story of one-of-a-kind pocket watch. Housed until recently in the Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva, this extraordinary watch is the handiwork of Patek Philippe’s master enameller, Suzanne Rohr, and is a prime example of master craftsmanship.
A guide to: The Chronograph Complication
One to Watch continues its series of in-depth guides to some of David Duggan’s favourite complications, with one of the earliest and simplest movements: the chronograph.
A Guide to: the World Time Complication
As the name suggests, a World Time watch allows the wearer to read the time in the world’s 24 major time zones. But what else do we know about this incredible watch complication?
David Duggan features in Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair has produced a beautiful space edition of its biannual watch magazine On Time in which we’re thrilled to say our very own David Duggan features.
Baselworld 2019 – The Expert View
As ever, David Duggan travelled to the Swiss city of Basel to take a look at the very latest in horological innovation. Here, he shares a few of his highlights.
A Guide to: The Perpetual Calendar Complication
In the third installment of our series which takes an in-depth look at the horological complications which have changed our appreciation of timepieces, we look at the perpetual calendar; arguably one of the most enduringly popular amongst avid watch collectors.
A Guide to: Triple Date and Annual Calendar Watch Complications
After looking at the legacy of the Day-Date complication, in the second instalment of our One To Watch series on horological complications, we explore the world of triple date and annual calendars.
Rectangular Watches: The ‘sleepers’ of the Luxury Watch Market
We have noticed a particular decline in the past 20 years in the popularity of angular, square-faced and rectangular models. But, rarity drives price and the good news is that from Rolex to Patek, these timepieces demand a fraction of the price of their circular counterparts.