David Duggan announces newly-renovated, official Rolex Service Centre

Rolex prides itself on its exquisite attention to detail, its prestigious reputation and creating artful timepieces for a global audience of discerning watch lovers. To uphold their reputation, only a few accredited retailers are awarded with the appropriate accreditation to carry out repairs and services on behalf of the Swiss master. Rolex affiliates are carefully chosen for their professionalism and their uncompromising commitment to quality.

Authorised Rolex Repairs Centre at Burlington Arcade

David Duggan watches has enjoyed the accolade of approved Rolex service centre for several years, but as stipulations have advanced, the network of carefully selected professional service centres in the UK has declined.

The increasingly high-precision nature of mechanical watches demands an ever-advanced service for movement cleaning and servicing. Not only is David bolstered by the experience of his highly-skilled watchmaking team and the benefit of having access to genuine components supplied directly by Rolex, but also by considerable investment in contemporary tools and equipment.

The new Rolex Repair Centre is fitted with dustproof glass in the upper level, to ensure a residue-free environment for cleaning, repairing and restoring watches.

Accompanying the glass installation is a new Elmasolvex ® multi-chamber cleaning machine for watch movements and mechanical precision instruments, adapted for ultrasonic, solvent and aqueous cleaning. David Duggan Watches also welcomes a new Lapping machine, able to grain and polish a watch back to immaculate, original factory state.

Watches that come in for repairs never leave our premises, and we guarantee the same member of David’s team will communicate at every stage of service or repair for complete piece of mind.

For more information, please visit our Rolex Repairs page

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Around 90% of the watches sold by David Duggan are purchased from members of the Public.