“Formula 1 racing and luxury watches famously complement one another. Both are driven by a passion for state-of-the-art engineering, sleek design and innovation, whether it be in a new chassis or chronograph.” - David Duggan


Indeed, the realm of the F1 enthusiast and that of the precision horologist are not all that dissimilar: both require the same obsessive attention to detail and a huge amount of expertise. To celebrate these joint passions halfway through Grand Prix season, David has been talking turbo timepieces with our friends over at Watchuseek and Ape to Gentleman magazine.


If you’re a fan of motor racing then head over to Watchuseek where David discusses the Watches that Drive the Formula One Grand Prix.


Over at Ape to Gentleman, David takes an in-depth look at the close relationship between motor sporting icons and their associated watches, in Icons of F1 and Their Watches . Which are you: Aryton Senna’s TAG Heur? Lewis Hamilton’s IWC Ingenieur, or Schumacher’s Omega Speedmaster? 


Racing timepieces like Rolex’s Cosmograph Daytona are grail watches for many collectors, horologists and motor sports fans the world over, reflected in how quickly they tend moved through second-hand dealer showrooms. If you’re thinking of investing in a racing-inspired watch, take a look at the timepieces David is currently carrying in the showroom.


Photo Credit: Ayrton Senna By Angelo Orsi CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons



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