It’s not at all unusual to find that a passion for luxury watches and classic cars goes hand in hand. So we’re delighted that our very own David Duggan has recently had the chance to reach out to Classic Car Club members with a special guest blog.

David’s article, Steve McQueen and his Rolex picks up on the hype around last year’s high profile documentary previewed by Classic Car Club: The Man & Le Mans.

The king of cool was known for many things – his rags to riches story, rebellious nature, iconic movies and, not least, love of luxury sports watches.

But when it comes to the watches McQueen really loved to wear, there’s a big difference between on-screen brand placement and his own personal passion, which always brought him back to the extreme sports watch master, Rolex. David sheds light on the models McQueen loved, the connection with some of his greatest on-screen moments, and what you should look out for if you’re secretly aspiring to be the owner of a McQueen favourite one day.


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