When the David Dugan team visited Baselworld 2016 in March, we were excited to get our first close up glimpse of the newly unveiled Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona. The heritage of the Daytona has always been intimately linked with the world of megastars and their classic cars – and that’s one of the factors that has given this iconic series its status as an enduring market leader.


So David was delighted recently to team up with our friends at Classic Car Club to celebrate the unveiling of this new model and explore just what it is that makes the Daytona so special.


In his guest article, Stars Cars and the Rolex Daytona, David shares his lifetime’s knowledge of how the Daytona took the motoring world by storm, started a historic relationship between the watch maker and the world of motor racing, and fired the imagination of some of world’s most celebrated stars including Paul Newman, Sir Jackie Stewart and Eric Clapton.


He also outlines the commercial success of the Daytona, which has (unusually for any luxury product) maintained a premium in the luxury market for an extraordinary 25 years.


Head over to Classic Car Club to read this article by David Duggan Watches and explore lots of other classic car stories as well as the benefits of becoming a member.



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