Just recently, David Duggan published a guest article with Watchuseek on the rare and wonderful world of Patek Philippe. Aspirational and extraordinary, this is a maker David has always had a very special affiliation with, so he was more than happy to share his expertise on how to invest in a Patek Philippe with breaking the bank.


Given the sometimes eye-watering prices Patek Philippe commands, it’s not an easy call to advise on investing in a model on a more modest budget. But if you know what to look out for, it’s possible to hone in on vintage models and clever sourcing strategies that can result in proud ownership of a watch that will turn heads and hold its value in equal measure.


The article features David’s top five personal tips for understanding the Patek Philippe market and choosing the right model to suit your taste and budget. It’s insider knowledge well worth having, so if you’re thinking of moving to a Patek Philippe watch do have a read of the full Watchuseek article.


You can also browse our latest collection of vintage and pre-owned Patek Philippe watches, or contact the David Duggan showroom directly for specific advice and help in finding your perfect timepiece.

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