As Apple releases its latest digital innovation, the Apple Watch, we discuss its relevance against investing in a luxury timepiece.


Wearables (wearable digital technology) are becoming increasingly fashionable and the Apple Watch – the brand’s latest incarnation - exemplifies this trend.


Incorporating cutting-edge, industry-leading development, this is Apple’s first item designed to be worn.  Prices range from £300 to £13,500 and above - but should you spend such an amount on a product with a limited life expectancy compared to the supreme excellence of classic kinetic timepieces?

Time runs out on digital technology

The first reviews for the Watch indicate a diverse reception that questions just who this is for.  Though it is Apple’s first foray into smartwatches they are by no means the first to market, and early adopters intent on testing new technology may well have already tried the (more affordable) equivalents from Samsung and others.

Reports on battery life for the Apple Watch vary – depending on use it may be as low as three hours, and would almost certainly require daily charging.  Unlike traditional kinetic watches there is no way to access or replace the power cell, and undoubtedly by the time your first device comes to the end of its relatively short life (average iPhone lifespan hovers around 2-4 years) the only replacement available will merely be the latest version, purchased for a similar or higher price.

Increasing, not decreasing, in value once acquired

A concern with investing in brand-new technology is that electronic and digital products weaken with age.  It is the inherent nature of technological advancement – the old is replaced by the new and devalues with age to become obsolete, in a culture of constant updates and the race for progress.


The beauty of securing a luxury watch from recognised names like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, IWC or Jaeger-LeCoultre is that your watch is truly an investment.  Each piece is a unique expression of taste, so respected that its value rises the longer it is in your care.  


Superb craftsmanship and an established industry ensure that you can maintain the pristine condition of your watch eternally.

Quintessential, timeless style that becomes heritage

Your pre-owned luxury watch is already an heirloom and will be treasured forever.  Eminent manufacturers have produced illustrious artefacts with personality, dignity and class using intricate and exquisite machinery built to unwavering perfection.
Apple’s dedicated following will carry the Watch to a certain extent, and it is their prerogative as a tech company to introduce new concepts (whether or not they take off).  Basic models would be excellent fun for testing the new lifestyle trend of wearables, but ultimately it would be futile to choose a costly time bomb over a luxury kinetic timepiece.
They may be bought for comparable sums, but only one has the potential to be priceless.
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