David Duggan specialise in high quality watches with an outstanding reputation for quality and expertise as a luxury watch broker in London. With 20 years' experience in the watch business, he is very happy sharing some advice on how to care for your luxury timepieces.

‘What watches mean to people, to young men it is a status symbol to ladies it is practicality. You often find a lady will have a fine watch and have it for life’ Duggan says. You can watch the highlights of the interview David Duggan as below:



Regular Servicing:

Luxury watches such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Vacheron, Panerai, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lange & Sohne and IWC are an asset and they can be a fantastic investment as long as they last for a long period of time. Therefore, taking good care of them is extremely important.

‘We always stress if you are buying a luxury watch, try to keep it for 20 years more often you will make a profit of what you paid’  says Duggan.

One of the key factor when it comes to taking good care of your luxury timepiece is making sure qualified experts to service your timepiece. It is vital to ensure regular servicing every 3 - 4 years in order to protect your investment for the future.

As members of the British Horological Institute, David Duggan Watches is an approved Rolex Service Centre with authorised access to genuine components supplied directly by Rolex.



Keeping your luxury timepiece safe is a number one priority. David Duggan quoted 'I have been in business for 39 years, I have always had safes and I always had insurance.'

David Duggan highlights two points for the luxury watch owners to take it into considerations. Firstly, make sure you protect your timepiece by investing in a suitable safe to store possessions securely.  Secondly, get your luxury timepiece insured. Insuring your luxury watch and choosing the right insurance for your luxury timepiece is essential.


Keeping it Clean:

The surface of your luxury timepiece should be cleaned with a cloth in order to get rid dirt. David Duggan advices to purchase a Jewellery cloth to keep your luxury watch clean.



As a luxury watch owner, it is extremely important to determine the value of watches and watch the watch inflations.

'David Duggan Watches used to sell particular model of Patek Philippe watches for £27,500 10 years ago that the same model is being sold for £72,500 nowadays.' quoted by David Duggan who has more than 39 years' experience within the luxury watch industry.

It is essential to renew your valuation every 3 years. If you are unsure about how much your luxury watch is worth, get in touch with luxury watch specialists David Duggan.

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Around 90% of the watches sold by David Duggan are purchased from members of the Public.