A luxury watch is a significant investment, but unfortunately today’s market is plagued by imposters. With copies becoming increasingly sophisticated you’d be surprised how easy it is to end up with a counterfeit – even when everything appears to be in order.

Even if you think you’ve found your perfect timepiece and you’re desperate to secure it, it’s vital to pay attention to these tell-tale signs to avoid costly disappointment.

David Duggan explains how to spot fake Rolex watches on an interview filmed by Bloomberg.



Age doesn’t mean genuine:

Faking watches is by no means a new practice, so don’t assume that because your watch carries age it must be the real thing. Even antique watches are potentially prone to fakery. Get it checked by an expert – no matter how sure you are.


Documentation is key:

Especially with new watches you should expect your model to come with a full warranty, certificate of authentication and unique serial number. This can be trickier with older watches that have been around and may have become separated from their credentials. Even so, if in doubt, don’t.


Pay attention to the movement:

True luxury watches benefit from intricately jewelled internal movements that perform meticulously. Counterfeits use substitute materials which typically result in a jerkier movement. This isn’t always easy to spot, so if you’re unsure then have the piece you’re considering checked by a reputable specialist.


Look for weight and substance:

Fakes tend to be fashioned from inferior materials which are cheaper because of their lack of quality and density. If you’re viewing a watch that feels suspiciously light, then you should be suspicious. Still looking for your dream luxury watch? Browse our latest collection here


The devil’s in the detail:

Counterfeiters are extremely good at reproducing the details that make luxury watches so unique and desirable. So much so that they are almost impossible to spot unless you know what you’re looking for. Small details such as colour, finish and engraving are all giveaways to the watch experts and can expose even the most convincing forgery.


Above all, when purchasing a luxury watch caution is key. Don’t leave your investment to chance. David Duggan Watches has 150 years’ combined experience in fine horology, as well as being an accredited member of the British Horological Institute and an associate member of Sothebys. If you are considering purchasing a luxury watch contact us for an appraisal of the piece you’re considering – or to ask us to help you find your perfect timekeeping companion.

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