In June 2014 news hit the luxury watch market that a 1923 Patek Philippe sold at Sotheby’s for an astonishing £2.965 million. The inimitable maker’s first recorded split-second chronograph was won by a Swiss museum after a bidding frenzy, a testament to its rarity and historic value in the watch making world.


There’s no doubt about it: A Patek Philippe has always been, and remains, a treasured investment for enthusiasts. Of course, only the most unique watches command the eye-watering sums reported by Sotheby’s during this particular auction. But if you know your luxury watches then choosing a timepiece from this most prestigious of makers is always a wise investment. Here are just three reasons why this esteemed maker remains a number one choice for horology connoisseurs…


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The history of Patek Philippe can be traced back to 1839, when Antoni Patek teamed up with French watchmaker and inventor Adrien Philippe. It wasn’t long before Queen Victoria became a known admirer of the make, and a long and distinguished history of fine watchmaking began. Such a rich heritage cannot be imitated, hence one of the reasons that Patek Philippe is widely regarded as the most prestigious and valuable brand in the world.




Right from the start Patek Philippe began to re-write the horology rules. They pioneered the first timepiece that did not need a winding key (that, incidentally, is what grabbed Queen Victoria’s attention), and have over the years been responsible for hundreds of ground breaking innovations including the split-second chronograph, the perpetual time zone mechanism and the annual calendar mechanism. The maker’s achievements in this area have amounted to more than 70 patents being won for its unique offerings over the years – and that quality and uniqueness is reflected in the price these timepieces command.




This clever maker has always maintained stringent quality standards. Today, the company employs more than 200 craftsmen – all in-house – who deliver fine timepieces that can involve up to 1,500 individual steps to create just one mechanism. Add to that uncompromising testing (quality control alone can take at least 600 hours to complete) married with superb aestheticism and modern innovation, and you have a maker who is unmatched in the horology arena.


The good news is that despite phenomenal prices being recorded for many special edition Patek Philippe and pieces of historical note, in fact you don’t have to be a millionaire to own one of these coveted watches. But you do need to source your chosen model from a reputable watch seller to make sure your investment is a wise one.


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