Rolex. It’s a make many of us know and love for its visionary spirit, constant innovation and instantly recognisable brand. Rolex luxury watches are also a great choice in terms of their exceptional quality and ability to hold their market value.

However, to enjoy your Rolex for a lifetime you do need to invest in specialist luxury watch care and refurbishment from time to time. Did you know, for example, that the oils that lubricate a Rolex mechanism can degrade after three to four years, potentially compromising the efficiency of the movement? That could impact on the performance and lifespan of your Rolex, so it’s important to bear a few maintenance and repair questions in mind, even when you’re initially planning the purchase.

Firstly, factor in the cost. Whilst Rolexes can be surprisingly affordable (explore our own collection here for ideas and inspiration) you can expect a repair bill every few years. The exact cost will depend partly on the level of maintenance required, and partly on the age and rarity of the model and how that affects the acquisition of genuine parts. As an approved Rolex Service Centre, David Duggan can help you with this. Just talk to us and we’ll help you to make an assessment so that your budgets are under control.

When the time does come, it’s vital to put your Rolex in the hands of a specialist and highly trained technician. Look for Rolex approval, membership of the British Horological Institute and the individual watch servicing qualifications of the person who will be working on your watch. Don’t be afraid to ask for confirmation of these factors – any reputable watch specialist will understand your concern and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Enquire as well about the exact specifications of the repairs that have been suggested. Just as when you put your car into a garage, it’s important to have an established record of exactly what treatment your watch has undergone, both to ensure you’re getting value for money and for resale purposes should you ever decide to part with it. Plus, if you don’t want to be hit with an unpleasant surprise, you should agree exact terms of the repair before commissioning any work. Is there an aftercare warranty and if so for how long? What happens if the repair has not been successful? Are there any hidden charges? What are the insurance arrangements whilst the watch is on the repair premises?

These are all important questions that you may need help to answer. For valuable advice from a specialist luxury watch team with 150 years’ combined experienced contact David Duggan, and we will talk you through how best to care for and preserve your luxury Rolex watch.





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